One and a half years ago I wrote a post complaining that there were no IP-cam apps available for Symbian. I concluded that the options available were a waste of time.

Well it turns out there actually IS an app that will do what I want from it. A few days ago a user, Travis, commented that the app TrendCam would do what I wanted.

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Toastman’s Tomato on WRT 610N

I was looking to get some VLANs up and running to separate traffic on my network into safe zones and fun zones. The Tomato firmware on my router was turning a bit old, so I looked at the newer builds. It’s a jungle out there, but I managed to work my way through it. It was actually quite easy, so read on if you have a 610N and want the even easier way 🙂

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Old Nokia as IP camera? Apparently NOT!

I recently got a new phone. The old Nokia 5800 had done well during it’s time, and it sort of seemed a shame to just throw such a capable device in the trash. It has two cameras, and it can connect to other devices via WiFi, Bluetooth and USB. The obvious idea was to use it as an IP camera.

An afternoon of wasted time later, I concluded that this is not worth it. Here’s the story so you don’t have to waste your time too.

EDIT 2013-11-12: A user commented that he had found a proper IPcam app, and it really worked. Read about it in the TrendCam article.

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Nanode for dummies

I’ve always been interested in electronics that could control stuff in the real world. Back twenty years ago I used the Commodore 64 to control some motors etc. and had fun with that. It was fairly easy because everything on the serial port was directly available. A peek here and a poke there, and you could do everything! If you had a LED you could wire it up directly into the C64 and turn it on using only two poke commands.

But then the world changed, OS’s became complicated, and the serial port even pretty much disappeared on all computers. USB was the new thing, but USB is seriously complex. Both coding for it, and just to turn on a LED you need a load of electronics at the far end of the USB cable.

Then came the internet, and everything had to be online. All my dreams about controlling stuff sort of boiled down to: “I want it to be online and easy to do.” and thus went nowhere for 20 years… until today where I got my hands on a Nanode board. The only problem was that I hadn’t fiddled with electronics for 20 years! This is how it went…

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TomatoUSB on Linksys 610N

Since my ISP charges a huge amount of money for giving me a static IP, I’m planning to switch to dynamic. But… my router is a Linksys 610N and even with the newest firmware it only has two options for DDNS-providers. One which seems offline or dead, and the other is which turned itself from a free service into a paid service with only limited options for free.

So there are plenty of DDNS-providers, but the firmware is not up to the job? It sure looks like it’s time to play around with some alternative firmware!

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Site is back up

A few days ago the site was injected with some code that made redirects to some russian link farm or something.

To make sure it is now 100% clean, I decided to reinstall everything from scratch and import the old posts, etc.

There is still a lot of work to do. For example not all pictures in the posts are working.

It was a good time for a cleanup, and I learned a lot about how to discover backdoors in php, so it’s not all bad 🙂


Games for Windows Live is an abomination

Having bought a couple of games that utilize GFWL I must say that I don’t like the system very much. It seems a bit too invasive on your PC, and also prevents easy backup of save games. And most important… it did not provide me with any benefits.

The two games I own that integrate GFWL, Red Faction: Guerrilla and GTA IV have been played through, then forgotten. And every time I wanted to install them again I was reminded of GFWL and decided not to play them anyway.

Yesterday I decided anyway to give Red Faction: Guerrilla a try again. I started out with an open mind, and thought: “Well… perhaps everything works a lot better now … at least a year has passed.” This is my experience:
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Upgrading the Synology 106e firmware to to 3.1 (And 3.2)

I own one of the first Synology NAS’s ever made, the 106e. Synology stopped the development of new firmware for this model a few years back, but because many of the Synology devices are based on the same hardware it is still possible to upgrade the 106 series to higher than supported firmware. This article will tell you in detail how to do this.

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When the Windows installer thinks it’s smarter than you…

If you are going to install Windows 7 on a brand new drive, you’ll run into something of a small fight with the installer when you want to partition your drive.
Everything will look as usual… But when you try to create that first partition the installer will throw this in your face:

“To ensure that all Windows features work correctly, Windows might create additional partitions for system files.”

Translated to English this means: “Windows will ALWAYS create a pointless 100megabyte partition that you don’t want.”

If you click Yes, you’ll get your partition, but also a 100MB partition just in front of it. A partition that you didn’t order.

If you click No, you’ll get nothing done at all. Not even the partition you just defined. Basically Microsoft made it impossible to skip this step.

So is the partition really that important?

  1. No, If your drive is already partitioned when you start the Windows installation, Windows will install and the installer will not complain/warn you about a single thing.
  2. No, This partition is used for the windows bootloader, and is only required if you want to use the Bitlocker feature. However, Bitlocker is only available in Windows Enterprise and Ultimate editions. A normal Windows Home installer will still try to create it for some obscure reason.

So, how do we get rid of it?

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Nexuiz is an open source game and therefore completely free. It’s been under constant development since 2001 and has also recently been forked into a new project Xonotic due to some controversy on Nexuiz being licenced and ported as a console game.

Nexuiz is one of my favorite free games so I decided to make sort of a review of it here. The review is supposed to be part one in a list of free games that are actually worth playing.

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