Disable java update service on Windows Vista or Windows 7

Today it seems that every program, no matter how useless it is, likes to install windows services for some reason. Apparently the creators think that their program is so important that it must be up to date constantly or somehow just has to be worth spending your CPU power and RAM… just waiting… just in case…if something should happen… which it doesn’t 99.99% of the time.

I don’t know about you, but I find those services annoying as hell.

This post is about the Java updater. This service runs constantly, and the reason for this is that JAVA wants to check for updates once a month. Let’s remove that thing!

To check if you have this annoyance eating your RAM and CPU time, take a look in the Task Manager. (An easy to way to bring it up is to press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC.)


You should be able to disable this easily in the control panel, but Sun apparently forgot that Windows Vista exists. So after 2 years of Vista, we still don’t have a working Java control panel that will enable us to disable the update service. Unticking the automatic update field, will not have any effect. It will stay active if you close the window, and take another look. (EDIT: Since we now also have Windows 7 I can add that the problem also exists here, and is solved the same way.)

But… here is how you do it anyway:

Navigate to your Java installation’s bin directory. It should be something like:

C:Program FilesJavajre6bin

or, if you are running 64bit Vista,

C:Program Files (x86)Javajre6bin

Right click on the file javacpl.exe and choose Run as an administrator.


This will open the control panel, and enable you to disable the Java updater. Just untick the selection button, and answer “Never” to the stupid question that the panel will ask you. You can now check that the service is gone from the Task Manager.


While you are in here, you might want to take a look at the advanced settings.

Disable the new fancy plugin if your Java is not working in Firefox, and you can also disable the system tray icon if you don’t like it.


Tadaaa! Your system is now a tiny bit faster than before.


221 thoughts on “Disable java update service on Windows Vista or Windows 7

  1. Thank you. I appreciate your clear knowledge and concise explanation.

    80 Processes still running and 38% Physical Memory in use….but it’s a start!

  2. Thanks Timo! Not only does it remove the annoyance, but it will prevent that pig from corrupting my configuration (again). Nice clear instructions – thanks!!!

  3. Thanks heaps. This auto update thing is fine if permanenetly connected to broad band but if on a cell phone modem travelling, I cant get my emails cause its tied up checking for updates!

  4. I have the feeling that once you update Java it is going to enable the Autoupdater all over again…Can anyone confirm this?

  5. Thanks for the tip about disabling the java updater!!!
    Just read that the recent update jucheck.exe is a trojan virus masquerading as an official java update. I am now able to disable the java updater and not have to worry that my kids update this virus by mistake.

  6. This still did not work to show the “Update” Tab on the Java Control Panel.
    First I tried updating to the current version 6 update 22. The update tab still did not show.

    Then I added the registry DWord Value ‘EnableJavaUpdate’ and set this to “1” in the Java Update Registry Setting for Keys.
    HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareJavaSoftJava UpdatePolicy

    I added the both the Current User and Local Machine Reg Keys to make sure it was set for both. This worked to make the Update Tab Show then I could uncheck the Update option.

    Found these steps at:

    Steps to find it*:

    1. Start, Run, type regedit, OK

    2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > JavaSoft > Java Update > Policy

    3. I have a DWORD value titled โ€œEnableJavaUpdateโ€ with the value of โ€œ0โ€ณ (zero). I changed it to โ€œ1โ€ณ (one) and the update tab appeared.

    *Be very careful; messing with the registry can be very risky.

    • Nope, this isn’t getting it either, nothing about the updater appears anywhere in the registry, even did a search for it.

      The advise Timo gave isn’t working for me either, ‘run as administrator’ on the appropriate file is not opening the java control panel for me, in fact it opens nothing….

      • You’re doing it wrong. If it worked for everyone else here, it will work for you, your computer isn’t special. Re-read the instructions and do it correctly this time. Don’t take a tone and get an attitude with someone who is trying to help your dumb ass. Got that, doofus?

  7. Thanks so much, i was soooooo annoyed by this Java thingy and it made my system soooo slow. I’m glad i came across your instructions!

  8. You are amazing Timo, thanks a lot, i will never see this updater anymore..thanks…my computer was previously messed up because of updating all the time but finally because of your help i managed to disable my auto updater.

  9. Bill rocks! By editing the registry I got my “update” tab back. I then had to run javacpl.exe “As Administrator” to get it to keep its settings.

  10. Another method I use to fix this once and for all was to rename the jucheck.exe file to jucheck.bad. If the file isn’t found, it can’t prompt you to update. This would also have to be done after each install, but this method should persist for all users if deploying to a network of computers that have multiple users logging in to each machine. The above mentioned method only works for the currently logged in user and has to be done manually for every user.

  11. I wish this could solve the same problem I am having.
    When I right click on the bin for file C:Program FilesJavajre6bin and I run as administrator a window pops up and it doesn’t matter if I click yes or no (to “allow this program to make changes to you pc”) nothing happens.
    No matter how many times I try the window just disappears.

  12. I hate that thing! Thank you!

    Sun need to stop automatically setting this option up, and provide an icon in Control Panel in Win7 AND know that the world does NOT revolve around JAVA, useful though it may be.

    This from a programmer commenting on Sun programmers’ attitudes. Nuff said.

  13. Noooooooo!
    Java 6.0_23 removed the update tab from Control Panel.
    There is no HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREJavaSoftJava UpdatePolicyEnableJavaUpdate entry in the register either.
    Their acting like malware!

  14. Version 23 has an additional startup item that runs as a scheduled task. You will need to do all of the above and delete the scheduled task. If you are running this in a corporate environment you can create a batch file that has the following line:

    DEL /Q %SystemRoot%system32TasksJavaUpdateSched

    Then run the batch file at logon under the local computer account policy.
    Or for those not in a corporate environment, just delete the task manually as an administrator.

  15. Thanks for your help. The only thing that worked for me is to delete de task from such directory. Thanks a lot!

  16. Win7 – doesn’t work for me! I am getting this message:
    Could not find the main class: com.sun.deploy.panel.ControlPanel


    Mine doesn’t want to update monthly; it asks several times a week. Saying Yes to the update only buys me a couple of days. How often do they put out updates anyway?!

  17. This morning the Java Updater interrupted my copacetic morning coffee for the last time. How gratifying to find your post and show them the door.

  18. Thanks! Win 7 32-bit includes the Update tab in Ctrl Panel/Java so you can disable it there, but in 64-bit they really like to hide the Update tab. Easy to take care of using your instructions.

    These updaters are the worst. Half the time I think the “important updates” for things such as media players are just new ads being downloaded.

  19. What year is it? 2011 and still Java control panel is not working as supposed to be in Windows 7. Today I downloaded Java, clicked off updates, restarted laptop and there again was tick in updates :/

  20. Thank you! I only run Windows (<>) to play a game or two… and this damned auto-update thing always gets me! Much obliged…

  21. Thanks you very much . I was really annoyed by this bloody java updater eating my wireless internet data account MBs. Today I can get rid of this bitch.

    Thanks a lot.

  22. After you uncheck the box, close everything then reopen everything and see if the check mark is back! Windows Server 2008 will let you uncheck the box but puts it back upon closing. Windows 7 might be the same way. [If you’re on Windows XP, the solution on this page should work just fine.]

    • @Eric: The problem is exactly like you describe. Even though you untick it, it is back on when you look at it the next time. To solve it, you need to run the javacpl as an administrator, just as the article describes.

  23. Thank you so much! This has been driving me insane…you have no idea as to how long I have been trying to purge my system of this; now I have no need to worry about it any longer!

  24. Thank you! I had to add this nagware for another program knowing this would happen.

    I really hate the nagging and that it ignores your request in the Control Panel.

    One would think with all the updates that they would have fixed this by now. But then again as you said in your article “Apparently the creators think that their program is so important that it must be up to date constantly”.

    Well put, well played.

  25. Thanks for the clear instructions. Nag popups like this add to my depression when I am trying to write good software and something is not working. I look forward to the day when we programmers can write code (and reminder screens) that have just a little psychology in them. Like if I cancel a nag popup 3-4 times, that means something for 99% of the uses. Or just put the untick in the popup is even better. Unfortunately, we are still quite Stalinistic in our interface designs. Thanks again for taking the time to do it right for the rest of us.

  26. Well, since of this nasty updates again and again pop up, I am going to delete java. Who needs it ? I can always find similar program that runs in .net or other platform.

  27. Great info. As a computer programmer who learned Java years ago (never developed a single thing with it since my assignments), it’s a great cross-platform language. That said, it should stick to being used in microwaves and alarm clocks, not on the web where it’s mainly exploited with viral intentions.

    With so many other programming language options out there, I’m on the verge of cutting Java out of my OS completely. I’d have already done so, but the gov’t still uses it on some of theirs that I need. Leave it to them to still be in the stone age.

  28. Thanks a million, that f**^^ng java update popup has been bothering me for years!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Finally, revenge!!!!

  29. Great advice regarding disabling the auto-updater. I do this on enterprise systems myself as it’s IT’s responsibility to update the machines; not the users. But there’s another side to this to be aware of–

    If you disable the updater PLEASE update Java, and fairly quickly after new versions are released. Java vulnerabilities are widely exploited by the bad guys, and you leave yourself wide open if you run an older version.

    On a related note, many older computers have multiple versions of Java installed, because until 1.6u10 (if I recall) new Java versions didn’t uninstall old Java versions. Uninstall all but the latest; if they’re present, the obsolete, vulnerable versions are easy-picking for the bad guys.

    On a personal, home machine, unless you’re on top of Oracle’s Java releases, I’d leave the Java updater running, to be honest. It consumes trivial resources, esp. compared to the problems it can head off.

  30. Thank you, java is the most annoying one out there. That many frequent updates must indicate loss of control of their code base. I wonder if Sun knows what is in it.

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  32. ..just to note, update tab is indeed vanished in newer versions (leastways under Vista 32), Update kill checkbox option can still be found buried somewhere in the Advanced tab though.

    Seems odd, they can get around to stuffing the Update tab back under the mattress, but not making a cpl that works in Vista / 7 for the last, what, 5-6 years or so? F*** Sun, and the rest of the comedians who keep installing annoying autoload cr*p. They really will never learn, will they?

    Timo, Gracias.
    – have a nice day now yall, my own just got a tiny bit better.

  33. Only one minor problem here, this don’t work for me. Found all the appropriate files but right clicking/run as administrator does not open the control panel for me. Am I missing something. I hate those update things too….

  34. Ok, finally got it to work, had to go in control panel to the java icon, don’t remember exactly where I found it there but somewhere it will say ‘show control panel’, ‘don’t show control panel’, etc. Checked it to show and then did the rest of Timo’s steps and it was all there except for the Java Plugin folder, not even there period.

    I’ll know when I reboot if it worked because every time I reboot it wants to update…

  35. Thank you very much for your help,it worked like a charm.

    Nothing like an expert willing to help others,awesome!!!

  36. Thank YOU for this post! The Java auto-upadet is really annoying! I have been using this page a few times already for different PCs. Thx!

  37. Java blows! I hate this freakin UPDATE every freakin time you turn on the computer and disable once and comes back! so annoying! permanent nuclear destruction is what is required of Java. For every one comment on here I’d say 1000 other people are annoyed at Java’s autoupdate thing too.

    Thanks for the public service to the planet Timo

  38. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m so glad these instructions were still available. Maybe now I can get something done.

  39. This process did not work well for me. I am logged onto the machine as a non-admin/poweruser, so can’t disable the AutoUpdate myself. However, I also have an admin account, and the Run As option lets me open the JCP and turn off the AutoUpdate. However, when I save that change, and open the JCP again as a non-admin, it’s enabled again. I can’t seem to get it to turn off globally on the machine, only for admin accounts. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

  40. thanks. i like your style.

    one note… when i right clicked to run as admin i got a popup that said something like do u want to allow java to make changes to your computer. that scared me a bit but i guess it was from my virus checker. so i said ok then proceeded and followed your good instructions — thanks.

  41. Blessings on you for publishing this info, and to Bill for the details on how to get the Update Tab, as I needed that part too.

  42. The Java control panel does not have an “update” tab on my Windows-7 with JRE7. Any ideas how to disable? It is soooooo annoying, it seems as though every day the Java autoupdater pops up asking to be updated. If Java is so good, then why does it require so many updates?

  43. thank you very much !!! I have Windows 7 and wondered how to disable java automatic updates in the right way because of that damned field that doesn’t work !!!


    every time i start up my pc, java asks me to update. it became so freakin annoying.

    thanks for this ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Thanks, you ROCK.
    I can’t put down what I put in the google search box after that F%^&$ java request came up for the millionth time!!!

  46. Hello, I have Windows Vista.
    I followed all the instructions for Updates and Advanced.
    in each case, after unchecking and pressing OK, box closes.
    But when I open box and look, the boxes once again become checked!
    Any help would be gratefully received.


  47. Thank you. this is the best thing happened to me in a long time. I was suffering so much with that annoying thing. What a relief.

  48. YOU don’t know how much aggravation these annoying quirks are when they don’t work as expected. After seeing so many posts on this issue, I See I am not alone… This solution is the BEST THeraPY!

  49. Almost 4 years since you posted this article, and still this is a problem for many. Thanks, Timo, for providing the solution!

  50. hey thank you dude and thanks for helping me turn this off cause java nearly got me killed in my game for popping up lol

  51. Thanks very much! That is such a relief! I used to get this annoying message pop-up every single day. It was the most annoying when I was using Netflix to watch a movie.

  52. Thanks from Croatia, It was a pain in the neck suffering from that annoying message pop-up every day. It is ORACLE’s responsibility, they use non-ethical way to install it on our PCs.

  53. Another 2 cents – Thank you for this – it is totally frustrating having to see that darn JAVA update msg…All-The-Time… no more ‘grrrrr’-ing :-}

  54. Many thanks – java updater was BSODing my Vista! For anybody else getting the same problem, use the “Apply” button after changing the settings – hitting “OK” afterwards crashed my machine but it came back healthy, without the updater running.

  55. Windows 7 (64 Bit)
    It wouldn’t so bad if it was only once a month. Mine was trying to update almost daily. I would then have pop up saying it didn’t need updating. What an annoyance!

    Thanks sooo much. Worked like a charm. ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. Great !!!! MR. Timo,

    Geeks like you are needed in our community very much very precise and easy explanations. GOD BLESS and let More TIMO’s be there in the world.

  57. I was getting this notice every time I started Windows, but I can’t update Java because it won’t work with some old programs I need. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. I can’t believe Java would not enable this from their quick access control panel. F!@#king jack asses!

    Thank you for explaining how to find the control.

  59. Thanks!! I was just about to hit my PC very hard with someting heavy but then I found your solution! Now just to find that happy-happy-happy song ๐Ÿ™‚

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  64. C:Program FilesJavajre6bin

    Why are all the back-slashes missing on this page?

    You would NEVER find anything if you follow this article.


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