XCode experiment: Screensaver

Apparently I had too much free time because I decided to play around with XCode and have a go at Objective C.

The result is a screensaver.  It simply draws random colored blocks in a zigzag pattern up across the screen. At the same time it fades them out, but due to some strange effect that happens with drawing using BezierPaths and alpha channels…that I honestly haven’t quite figured out yet… they aren’t all faded out evenly. I like the result and find it pleasing, like looking into a fire or something.

So.. even though this little project turned out nowhere near what I planned its still one of the most best pieces of hobby programming that I’ve created in years 😀

Perhaps you’ll like it as well…. get it here. [Edit: Now compiled for Snow Leopard as well. I don’t know how well it will work on other systems though.]
I also uploaded the entire xcode project here in case you want to have a look at the actual code.

Since this is an xcode project it means that the screensaver is for Mac only. It may even be so that you require an intelbased mac… or perhaps it even requires you to run Leopard or something. I only got one mac.. and it works there…and thats pretty much all the testing thats ever gone into this project. What I’m trying to say here is that “your milage may vary” … and don’t blame me if your Mac explodes and burns down your house or something. You could leave an angry comment though, if you want 😀


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