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Yesterday was sunday and I had no plans what so ever. Finally some time to do some coding 🙂

The little java game is actually playable now. Its possible to complete levels, and the game now has four tutorial levels.

I’ve compiled a runnable JAR file for download here. If you have the JAVA 1.6 runtime installed you just need to double click it to run it.

The game itself is still pretty basic, and not very user friendly. It also still displays some debugging information on the screen.


You use keys A and D to rotate the ship. If you hold shift down at the same time rotation will be slower. You need the fast rotation to navigate the maps, and the slow rotation makes landing a piece of cake. (You have to land the ship on its “feet”. Some error is tolerated, but not too much.)

You activate the thruster with W. You’ll probably only need to tab it once in a while, and only hold it for long when you need to brake hard.

Space shoots some small “bullets”.

Pressing F1 will reset the ship. Hit it if you crashed the ship and want to try again.
(F1  is also used to start the game from the initial screen, which only shows a lame particle effect.)

There are only four levels right now, and when the game tries to load level 5 it will crash. For you that only means that you’ll be back on the desktop again. (The runnable JAR does not prompt you with any error messages.)

There is still a lot of stuff missing:

JAVA does not use Vsync in windowed mode even though double buffering is on. This can be seen as tearing of the images. I’ll get working on the fullscreen version soon. (It’s very easy to switch and the code already supports it. I just haven’t done it yet.)

Shooting the shootable tiles is not that interesting. Some explosion or something should be added.

Configurable controls  would be nice … so would fullscreen mode in different resolutions etc.

The game never ends, as there is still no concept of lives or anything yet. If you want to restart, you have to close the window and run it again.

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