PC reinstall from A to Z

As a “computer geek” I often find myself helping with reinstalling peoples pcs from scratch. For some reason this still seems like a task that people can’t seem to manage on their own. Some people see this task as something that takes several days… but really, if you just follow some basic rules on your setup, a complete reinstall does not need to take more than an hour.

Back before Windows XP I must admit that reinstalling a PC was somewhat hard work, requiring a bit of knowledge, but with XP everything became much easier. Now with Vista and Windows 7… installing a pc from scratch takes 3 clicks with the mouse. Everyone should be able to do that today. However… there still seem to be a few problems that need to be taken care of before and after reinstalling a pc. This is really where the “magic” is today.

In a series of articles I’ll explain what usually needs to be done, and how you can make it a lot easier in the future. Everything in this articles is so simple that I almost can’t belive that I’m writing this, but I still get these questions over and over again, so lets get going 😉

Backing up your data before reinstalling

Starting the install (To be done)

After the install

Tricks to make your reinstalls quicker

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