Nexuiz is an open source game and therefore completely free. It’s been under constant development since 2001 and has also recently been forked into a new project Xonotic due to some controversy on Nexuiz being licenced and ported as a console game.

Nexuiz is one of my favorite free games so I decided to make sort of a review of it here. The review is supposed to be part one in a list of free games that are actually worth playing.


The visual style is futuristic like quake/unreal tournament like those were back in 2004. Even though that might seem like old, it does not really matter in a game like this. The engine has effects that are completely up to date, but the models, textures and maps might seem a bit amateurish and not really show all the potential. Sounds are not really that hardcore, and might seem a bit weak, but in a game like this this is what you need. Sounds provide you with information about whats going on… they are not there for fun 😉


Nexuiz is your typical deathmatch first person shooter. It is usually played against other players online. Nexuiz is all about getting kills… and getting them faster than your competitors.  The gameplay is extremely fast.  Controls are pin point accurate and the maps are designed nice and clean so moving around feels like a ballet. Nexuiz has built-in hit sounds that really underline the competetive element.

If you’re looking to improve your FPS skills Nexuiz is really a nice game to do this on. You can play against bots, and they are worthy opponents. If you’re a bit rusty like me, you’ll get your ass kicked by the bots to begin with, but quickly you’ll pick up the pace and start improving and winning… of course only to move on to better bots and more difficult game modes 🙂

State of the game

Even though its under constant development the game feels completely finished. The game is popular and there are lots of servers and players. (If you want to run your own server, the files needed for this is a part of the download as well.)

Being open source shows. You’ll see the console, and lots of loading information that you don’t really need. But, since the entire game allows you to customize pretty much every little setting, these geeky things fit nicely into the game. You can turn on FPS meters, acceleration meter, network graph and lots of other stuff. Another very nice thing is that these changes can be applied at any time. You can even change screen resolution in the middle of a firefight if you want. I wish that more of the usual games, that cost money, would have these cool posibilites.

Nexuiz (and/or the fork Xonotic) is definitely worth checking up on.